In lack of laboratory equipment for typing and crossmatching:

  • Take small samples of blood from recipient and donor
  • Centrifuge blood samples
  • Place a drop of serum from recipient on a white surface
  • Place a drop of red blood cells (the sediment) from donor beside
  • Mix the two drops
  • Read the result.
  • Does it clump together or not?

If blood transfusion set is not available:

  • Place recipient on floor
  • Place donor on a stretcher
  • Connect donor and recipient with an i.v. line
  • Enhance blood flow with venous stasis by a tourniquet on the donor’s arm
  • Stop transfusion when recipient and donor have same pink mucosal linings (equilibrium has been acchieved)

In lack of electric centrifuge:

Buy a handheld

Or make your own with a testtube and piece of string

Selfmade centrifuge

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